I am constantly picking things up off the floor.  Lately this is because of my almost-two-year-old and all her toys strewn about; and if it isn’t her toy collection I’m scooping up, it is my husband’s and my clothes. So now, instead of just bending over, I do squats for each item or group of items within arm’s reach.  Or one-legged dead-lifts.  This morning I picked up Lex’s Alphabet (A-Z) and Numbers (1-20) bean bags that she tossed all over the living room at 02:00 this morning. And about a thousand of her books too.  This little chore got me 2 complete sets each of squats, lunges, and deadlifts.


It’s now 2.5 years later, and this remains one of my favorite stealth moves.  Lex now 4.5 and De-Lo will be 2 in four days.  The amount of crap to pick up has only increased exponentially, so besides the basic squats, lunges and deadlifts, I like to throw in a variety of planks.  Usually there are about a million little toy pieces within arm’s reach of each other, so I hold a plank right in the middle and reach around me.