This was one of my favorite bar games.  When Lex was a baby, Chico and I were on one of our usual Sunday afternoon dates at the Old Town Bar and as I was enjoyinga tasty, cold Sierra Nevada Pale Ale I realized I could get in a few sets of legs.  The trick was to do this without inviting strange looks from my fellow regulars at the bar.  I was already standing, so I started with a one-quarter squat.  I got half way through my pint (maybe three minutes?) and two conversation topics before Chico noticed I was shorter than usual.  By this time I was feeling a good burn in the glutes and quads.  I was wearing a two-month-old baby too so that’s about 12 pounds extra.  Next, I stood on one leg for as long as possible… but then I got a bit-shall we say- clumsy, so I figured that was enough of that.