Lex loves to swing.  This is always a good thing and bad thing.  It does provide a bit of respite from chasing her all over the playground and greater known universe.  And she really loves it; so once she is comfortable in that seat, we can sometimes be there awhile.  So now I have several different sets to do while we’re there.

The Swinging Baby One-Arm Row utilizes the 25-lb weighted pendulum that is my sweet child in a swing.  In lunge position and finding the bottom of her arc, I do five reps on each side.  She thinks it’s really funny and I usually end up doing more sets than I want before she lets me stop.

If I’m really ambitious (and there’s not too many people around to watch the really weird mom exercising at the swing sets), I give Lex a really big swing with a one-arm row and then do lunges while her momentum slows.