Some days I miss out on the opportunity to luxuriate in my shower before starting our day of play dates and playground visits.  On those days, you’ll be no doubt relieved to know, I indulge in the minimum: Wash Your Face, Brush Your Teeth, Comb Your Hair.  I can get a whole 10 minutes of workout in during this time.

First, I have a ClairSonic facial brush, with a two minute timer on it.  So once I have the product on my face and the thing going, I do squats of some sort.  Then, while rinsing over the sink, I keep a straight back and hold a dead-lift for that time.

My electric toothbrush is also a handy timer.  It counts off 4 30 second intervals, perfect for balance training.  I started by standing on one foot, changing with each interval.  Changing how you hold the non-supporting leg and/or standing on an unsteady surface, like a folded towel or a piece of foam will increase the difficulty and challenge the core even more.

Finally, I admit I haven’t really found a good set to do while brushing my hair.  If it’s dry (which is usually the reason for the abbreviated ritual), it goes in a hair tie and we’re done.  If, however, I have to dry it, it’s about 5-6 minutes of shoulder work.  I do five shoulder presses with the dryer each time I change sections of hair.