It’s springtime here, and I’ve been trying to tend to my plants, and by extension myself, better. I recently started a tower garden and now I have so much kale and fancy lettuce I’ll have to freeze a lot of it. Or have a kale-themed smoothie party. Kale, yeah!

Anyway, tending to one thing often leads me to discovering many other things I’ve neglected. This page is one of them. It’s right there, on my list of things to do (#47), being ever so patient.

Today I remembered that sometimes information needs to be updated or they turn things off. So I logged in, and was immediately scolded: “You were unable to log on due to inactivity on the site.” (Do you log in or on? I can never remember)

After a few moments of panic, I clicked “continue”, and now, here I am, writing this missive to you, dear reader.

So, here, for now, is a photo of the plants I started from seeds. I’m almost as proud of my human babies. (jk.)