i hadn’t done any meal planning or prepping and i was hungry. very hungry. the kind of hungry that usually sends me straight to a box of cereal, or bag of some other processed crap. 

and i was staring at a pile of beautiful produce, freshly harvested from a local family-owned farm. it was Wednesday, farm box day and my goal to actually use the bounty instead of letting it rot away in my refrigerator was fresh in my mind. 

in the fridge was not so much food but ingredients to make food. 

there would be labor involved. decisions would have to be made.  focused attention paid. a level of detail and precision i wasn’t sure i could muster.

so i did. muster, that is. i spent twenty minutes slicing tomato and peppers and onions and did a few other simple things and then sat down to a healthy nutrient-packed meal. 

and now i feel better. go figure.